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Positive Photo Diary

18 May
Baby, Mommy, and Doggy

Baby, Mommy, and Doggy

Marker Mayhem

Marker Mayhem

Maybe coloring with markers isn’t an age appropriate activity for an 11 month old. It was an experiment that lasted nearly three minutes.  Willy Wonka’s room has plexiglass on the back of the door.  Before Willy Wonka it was used to keep our Boxer from destroying the door.  In the future it’s going to be wonderful for washable markers and toddler art.


Happy 7 Months!

28 Jan

Happy 7 Months!

Time is flying by because my little Willy Wonka is 7 months already.

Wonks and Halloween

3 Oct

What’s Willy Wonka going to be for Halloween?  Nothing.  It’s sad, but the holiday just doesn’t exist here.  Grandma made sure he has a few halloween things.  When he gets a bit bigger he’ll be wearing his skeleton or pumpkin sleeper.   I am planning to take  him out of the house as a skeleton.  I already get stared at for speaking english or just looking super foreign;  why not dress my chunkers as a skeleton and scare people?  Isn’t that what Halloween is all about?  Here are a few photos we took yesterday:

11 Weeks

16 Sep

Willy Wonka has a favorite book.  I know he’s only 11 weeks but the colors and designs catch his attention. Willy Wonka has an extensive library and I can’t wait until he gets more interested in books.

DK Baby Colors Board Book

Yes I know the Bumbo chair has been recalled.  We only use it on the floor and with adult supervision.


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