Golden Boy

2 Oct

When Willy Wonka was born we received a few typical baby gifts from the Turks; Nike running shoes, clothes, more shoes, and blankets.  We also received gold coins. Something I won’t be letting Willy Wonka put in his mouth.  I would have been surprised had I not been married in Turkey, an event where you also receive gold.  There is a long tradition of giving gold.  When a couple gets engaged the family gives the future bride jewelry.  At weddings, the bride carries a small pouch to collect jewelry, money, and gold from the guests.   The guests can also pin the gold coins and money onto the newlyweds.  Forget registering at Crate and Barrel, because you’re getting gold!

Cute baby boy themed pouch for the gold.

Recently gold prices have skyrocketed and people are having difficulty affording gold. Prices have tripled since 2008.  Instead of just giving couples a fancy serving tray or a blender, people have resorted to buying fake gold bracelets.  This new trend sadly led to a groom beating his bride before the wedding ceremony.  The bride informed the groom that his aunt had given her a fake gold bracelet; that’s when the shit hit the fan.  Read more here.

A gold coin 🙂 with Ataturk’s head

We are appreciative of all the wonderful, fun gifts for Willy Wonka.  There’s just something about the tradition of giving gold that still intrigues me.  Of course I won’t turn down a gold coin. It’s an extremely generous gift.  But is it too impersonal? Or practical because the receiver can use it as they wish? Or does it put too much pressure on the gifter to spend outside his or her budget?  What do you think about giving gold?

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