Small Goals

17 Sep

Babies eat all your “you” time (duhhhhh).  I’m lucky if I can peacefully use the bathroom during the day.  If the baby isn’t crying while I’m in the loo one of my animals wants to join me.  I guess they figure it is a great time to be pet.  So by 2 pm I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing but haven’t had a moment just to relax.  I need to start charting my activities. What am I doing from 8 am to 2 pm? Rather than making grand plans for the day I pick one “me” thing I want to achieve.  Showering doesn’t count, although it should because it’s not an easy task with a baby.  I am mastering the skill of doing my make-up with one hand; eyeliner is still challenging. 

 Today I my “me” goal was to finish Willy Wonka’s memory jar.  For a few weeks I’ve been writing memories and milestones with the date on small papers and putting them in a jar.  I’ve got a pen and precut papers in the jar to make things easy.  When the jar starts to fill I’ll take out the papers and paste them into his scrapbook (which hasn’t been started).  As I kid I always wanted to hear funny stories about when I was a baby so hopefully this will  be entertaining for Willy Wonka when he is older (or terribly embarrassing).  Here are the pictures of his finished jar. 

Willy Wonka’s Memory Jar

Background paper from a H&M gift box.

One Response to “Small Goals”

  1. aysegul at 11:29 am #

    that’s a lovely idea.
    I think when you have friends from different cultures, life becomes richer.
    I am so happy to know you!


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