Carrot and Apricot Rolls

15 Sep

Last year I took a Turkish cooking class.  It was only one day but we made many of the classics; two different types of dolma (stuffed graped leaves and stuffed zuchinni), mucver (zuchinni fritters), borek, apricots filled with clotted cream, and many salads. Our instructor had a large personality and didn’t hesitate to scold us if our technique wasn’t correct.  She was also a bit baffled that my friend and I didn’t know any Turkish dishes to cook for our Turkish significant others.  We couldn’t speak Turkish, FAIL. We couldn’t cook Turkish, FAIL.  I’m sure our instructor was wondering what these Turkish boys were doing with girls like us.  Luckily there was wine at the end of the lesson and all our short-comings as future Turkish wives were forgotten.

So I’ve made it my mission cook one Turkish dish a week and coban salad (tomato, cucumber, onion, lemon, oil) doesn’t count.  I invited my cooking class companion over this week to help me with my first week as “Turkish Chef!”  The recipe I picked is from Turkish Meze by Ghillie Basan.  This book is full of outstanding mezes (small plates) and the photographs are mouthwatering.

Turkish Meze by Ghillie Basan


8-10 carrots, cut into thick slices

2-3 slices of day old bread, ground into crumbs

4 scallions

½ cup of dried apricots finely chopped

3 tbsp pine nuts

1 egg

1tsp of Turkish red pepper

1 bunch dill chopped

1 bunch basil chopped

salt and pepper

flour for coating and oil for frying

Mint Yogurt (combine all):

1 cup thick plain yogurt

Juice of ½ lemon

1 large clove of garlic minced

1 bunch of fresh mint finely chopped

Steam the carrots until soft enough to mash

Attempting to make bread crumbs. Cooking isn’t easy with a baby!

Bread crumbs, scallions, and apricots

My co-pilot on this mission.

Mash the carrots and combine with all the ingredients. The colors are fantastic.

Form into rolls, balls, small patties (whatever you want) and fry for 8 minutes.

Here is the embarrassing part; my picture of the final product is just awful.  I was holding a fussy baby and with the potential for screams to erupt at any moment I couldn’t focus my iphone properly. So here is the blurry finished product.  

A really bad photo of a really yummy thing!

I’ll be making these little rolls again. With all the fresh herbs and apricots the fried rolls really pop in your mouth.  The mint yogurt sauce was beyond delicious.  I’ll make it just to slather on other things such as kofte (meatballs).

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