DIY: Owls

11 Sep

Owls are the new “it” thing for baby rooms.  There are so many owl themed nurseries, toys, and crafts.  For Willy Wonka’s nursery I had to resist being sucked in by all the owly stuff, but for my first (and only) diy project I caught owl fever.  Here is a picture of the adorable mobile by 

Owl Mobile from
$9 downloadable pattern

The mobile uses tiny baby socks.  I searched the Internet for days for something brightly colored.  I’m not talented in the craft department; usually my projects look less professional and more kiddish. My owls aren’t perfect, but I still find them charming.  Sadly I’ve yet to hang my finished mobile in Willy Wonka’s room.  He has birds over his bed so the owls will go over his bookcase.  I just need to convince my husband to bust out the drill (cement walls in Turkey). Here are my finished owls:

Willy Wonka’s brightly colored owls

Interesting tid bit.  I was showing the girls at school all the cute owl themed things.  They weren’t quite as enthused because owls here are bad luck.  An owl hooting on a roof means that bad luck or death will come to your family.  OH BOY I can’t wait to dress Willy Wonka in his owl patterned onsie, everyone in the mall will go running.

Old Navy One-Piece. I can’t wait for Willy Wonka to rock this!

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