Imported from the good ol’ US of A!

10 Sep

I went to the US in January of 2012 and shopped my pants off.  After visiting a few Turkish baby stores (ebebek, Joker) and comparing prices on, I realized prices were out of control in Turkey.  For example the Bumbo chair, US cost is around $35 and in Turkey it’s 124 TL (conversion 1.8 TL to $1).  I also couldn’t find certain products in the Turkish stores such as Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads.  So I made the “smart” decision to do the bulk of my baby purchases in the United States.  I went order crazy.  A stroller and car seat combo, a bathtub, a Bumbo chair, bottles, bottle dryer, ear thermometer, clothes, an Ergo carrier, and the list went on. 

 By now you’re asking yourself how was I going to get all these wonderful things to Turkey?  I do get two free checked bags, but those obviously weren’t going to fit all my purchases.  Luckily my FIL “knows” someone at a well-known shipping company who could help us maneuver the costs.  Wahoo!  I continued to shop.  It must be noted that I asked multiple times my limit on number of boxes and the size of boxes that I could ship.  Each time I received the same answer, “whatever you want.”  Well with that answer I continued to shop. So a few days before my return trip I went to buy the boxes; I needed some really BIG boxes. The largest box could was similar to a coffin for a short person. I packed in all my baby goodies, filled out the paperwork for customs (yes of course the value of all these items is only $100), and taped them shut.

Just a bit of the loot

 My extremely kind father broke his back carrying the 50+ pound boxes to the nearest shipping store and I headed back to Turkey.  I was so excited to get the boxes that I stalked their every move on the Internet.  Finally they arrived!  Nothing was lost in transit and I had totally outsmarted the extremely overpriced Turkish baby stores! Or had I?  As the boxes arrived in Turkey our connection at the well-known shipping company decided that coffin sized boxes were a bit over his “hook-up” limit.  We were now faced with a 3,000 something Turkish Lira bill.  OH NO, OH NO, OH NO!!!!! Luckily my FIL came to rescue, after all I had asked multiple times about my shipping restrictions . . .

Here are a few of the amazing items I can’t live without for Baby Willy Wonka!  It’s time for some product promotion!

Why did it take me until Willy Wonka was five weeks to purchase the Halo sleep sack?  It keeps him asleep and therefore gets me more sleep! My parents think he is going to be an Irish dancer because his arms are always pinned down to his sides. Riverdance here we come! 

Gripe Water or in our house we call it “magic water.”  Yes it’s helpful for gas and hiccups, but it also works wonders for crying fits.  Just one squirt and Willy Wonka instantly calms.  I dribble one small drop on his pacifier and he settles.  He also loves the taste. 

This is one of my favorite toys.  I like the fabrics and colors, and there isn’t too much happening on one toy.  I’m the crazy mom who uses this toy to teach her 10 week old son about the food chain (actually his Grandma started it.)  It goes something like this, “the fish eats the cracker, num num, then the bear eats the fish, num num.”

This froggy mat is so soft.  Whenever I put Willy Wonka on it he knows it is time to play.  We do tummy time (which Willy Wonka loathes), practice our vowels, and look at our toys on it. 

This elephant clock is one of my favorite elements in the nursery and one of my post popular pins on Pinterest.  Check out the website, there are great clocks.  

-The nursing bras I’ve found in Turkey are NOT good.  They are so unflattering and you can’t wear them with any stylish tops.  Here are three I love from the States:

  • My nighttime bra.  It’s so easy and comfy.
  • This bra was perfect for the early days of nursing.  Because it comes in S, M, L you don’t have to worry about a specific size and therefore can buy it before the baby comes.
  • This bra has an underwire!  It offers lots of support and it isn’t difficult to nurse even though it has an underwire.

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